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Paul Smedberg

No need to understand – you're here now.

No need to understand – you're here now.

The "artist" puts his designation in quotes because all of life is art.

Insubstantial design is a leaf fallen from a tree that doesn't even exist on other planets. Your life, my life, all life that has ever touched the real with its being will pull a black t-shirt over its head in the morning and head out into a flawed world.

That t-shirt needn't be an ad for some open-source software or a conference you attended. Your t-shirt should draw cute people to say, "I like your t-shirt" and with luck, your lineage will continue.

Paul Smedberg makes these designs in his head, and the thought of these designs is picked-up by an elaborate network of electrodes that aren't even located in the same state. That's how powerful the designs are.